Writers at Stone Creek

One of the things that has been so neat about MKE Creatives, is all the interesting people I’ve met. What that has impressed on me is that Milwaukee has absolute SCADS of people doing creative things, all over the city.  For instance, this weekend, there is a horror movie festival, of small/low-budget films going on! Once a month, Creative Mornings, another creatives networking group meets up, and every Sunday morning, a group of writers gets together at the Stone Creek Coffee downtown to work side-by-side, give each other some encouragement, and keep personal morale high by spending time with people doing the same kind of work!

I stopped by last week to take some photos. I was testing out some cameras, and as the weather had been ugly, hadn’t gotten much playtime with them. So, when I remembered my friend’s writing group, it seemed a good opportunity to meet some new people, make some photos, and then use those photos to talk up a local business!

Most of the writers were willing to share a bit of themselves and what they were working on with me – and some of them even have some books available for purchase! Here’s who was there…

  • Tessa Koller (who is also a fashion designer): working on a thriller novel;
  • Lily (who’s also a jewelry-maker): writing a novel and a play;
  • Dan Wilson (a photographer/filmmaker): who’s working on a script and novel;
  • Bill Zman: working on a film noir novel;
  • Jackie Breezer-Dzikiewicz: working on her first novel;
  • Thomas Borger: working on his first novel;
  • Barrett Westberg: working on his poetry, and his first collection of poems, “Fractions of Feeling” is available;
  • Michael Staub: is working on a futuristic film noir novel; his first effort: “The Case Files of Samuel Slean, P.I.” is currently available;
  • Sarah Geraldson: is a web designer, who also does drawn pet portraits; she was there drawing;
  • and Mitchell Naleid: working on a fiction novel about the Pony Express.

It was neat to be in the room with these folks, all diligently working on expressing their creativity. While so many were probably either sleeping in or heading out for brunch, these folks were sitting silently in a coffeeshop, working to get their imaginations out of their heads and onto the page.

If you’d like to join in sometime, here’s the Meetup Page for the group!


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