MKE Protests: Women’s March

On Saturday, January 21, 2017, another march occurred in protest of Donald Trump’s POTUS administration. The Women’s March was in opposition to Trump and his long history of being awful to women, and an event to let the incoming administration know that they ARE being watched and they will be called out when they act against human rights. These protests happened all around the country, and even in many other countries, all in opposition to Trump’s presidency. I was able to attend a march here in Milwaukee that was associated with this weekend’s Riverwest FemFest. Again, I posted to my Instagram as the event occurred – making pics, transmitting to my phone, editing on phone, and uploading to Instagram, as I walked along with the march.

I spotted numerous friends at the march, as I also did at last night’s protest. Both protests were peaceful and comprised of people of all colors, and all ages – from strollers to wheelchairs.



2 thoughts on “MKE Protests: Women’s March

  1. Troy,

    Thanks for the news from Milwaukee. Nice to see the peaceful marchers for change in America.

    I spent 30 years in our Navy defending the people’s rights so it is gratifying to me to see them being exercised.

    As a footnote, my mother turned 21 the year after women were allowed to vote in the U.S. – which was 1920 – so she could at least vote all her life, which was restricted in many ways because she was not a man, such as not being able to own real property, loss of reproductive rights, etc.

    Keep on going!



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