Milwaukee Libraries: Mill Road

A new year and I still have libraries to explore! Today I stopped by the Mill Road branch of the Milwaukee Public Library system. This location is pretty conveniently located at Mill Road and 76th, on 76th.

This branch has much in common with the others I’ve visited: great available light, friendly, helpful librarians, and lots of resources for the people in the library’s community. What this branch has, that no one else can claim, is as the branch manager said, “well, our library is built in a circle” – and it’s true! The circulation desk is in the center of the library, columns of books extending out from that central point. 🙂

The branch manager told me that a lot of people come to them for their collection of DVDs and music CDs, and also for help with job searches, test prep, and internet access. I was glad to see that they had a big and visible section marked “graphic novels” (for younger readers), and also a dedicated section of the library called “Books For Teens.” I noticed, too, that they had a large urban fiction section. A final note, I love that in the entrance way there is a display of children’s artwork and upon entering the library there is a big art-piece in honor of Anansi the Spider!


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