Milwaukee Libraries: Martin Luther King

Continuing my project to visit all the branches of the Milwaukee Public Library by year’s end, I recently stopped by the Martin Luther King Library. This library is well-positioned in the Harambee neighborhood, at the busy corner of Locust Ave. and Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. This library is easy to find, and a bus stop right in front make it easy to get to. The librarian I spoke with said that one of her library’s notable aspects is its computer lab. As many of their visitors do not have internet service at home, being able to come to the library and use one of their 21 computers to get online is a very important service MPL provides!

Another neat fact I learned, is that this library was named after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. earlier than the street was! The library was opened in 1971 as the Locust Library, and was re-named the Martin Luther King Library two years later, in 1973. Third Street was not renamed Martin Luther King Jr. Drive until 1983!


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