Milwaukee Libraries: Zablocki and Bay View

Last week, I made more progress in my “Checklist MPL” project, of trying to visit all the Milwaukee Public Library branches before the end of the year. I managed to visit the Zablocki branch and the Bay View branch. What has amazed me, and I think I remark on it every time – is the beauty of our libraries and the fact that every branch I’ve seen so far has done great work to make sure there is a lot of available, natural light in the library. As a photographer, and appreciator of the beauty of light, that tickles me every time I see it.

Zablocki library is on Milwaukee’s Southside, at 35th and Oklahoma Ave. It’s not a large library, but feels spacious nonetheless. Something that I really like about it is the courtyard they have at the back of the building. There’s a nice shape to the structure – inside and out. The branch manager I spoke with said he’s particularly proud of their children’s librarian, feeling they do a great job of putting on some real good programming, and of their fiction section.

The Bay View library is on Milwaukee’s SE-side, on Kinnickinnic Ave. It’s a pretty modern-looking building and one that I used to frequent when I lived in Bay View, back in the late-90s/early-00s. What I found particularly great about this library was their DVD selection – sure, they had popular movies, but they also maintain a good selection of foreign films. So, when you’re in the mood for sub-titles, make sure to visit the Bay View library!


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