Test Drive: Olympus 75-300mm Lens

One of the neatest aspects of the Micro-Four-Thirds systems is that, due to the smaller sensor size, telephoto lenses can be pretty compact. On a “regular” DSLR, a 600mm lens would be nearly as long as your forearm. On a M4/3 camera, a lens of the comparable reach at 300mm can be hand-held! So, I got to play with the Olympus 75-300mm (150-600mm equiv) recently and it was pretty darn neat. I don’t normally do much telephoto shooting – my style, and the subjects I photographs, are usually more properly covered with short lenses – like something in the M4/3 17-25mm range, though I do have a 60mm lens (for portraits) and 40-150mm (for sports, when I need reach, when I want “compression). Having a lens that stretched out to 300mm (600mm equiv) was quite a change of pace for me. While a lens like this is normally made for subjects that are far away, it also has a surprisingly short close-focus distance – only 3 feet! It was pretty fun to work with, and if a person is into wildlife, landscape, and nature photography, I can see why this lens would be a requisite!


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