Hiking at the Horicon Ledge – Pentax/Olympus

A lot of photos in this one – I was playing with the Pentax K-S2 and its 18-50/3.5-5.6mm and 10-17mm fisheye-zoom lenses, and with my Olympus E-M1 and 12-40mm/2.8 lens. I’ve been really liking my Olympus camera, and have had a lot of fun with Pentax cameras in the past. I wanted to see how they’d do in photographing the same subject – the Horicon Ledge, out in Dodge County.

When the Pentax first came out, I thought it was a pretty odd camera. Where most manufacturers were trying to make their cameras smaller and more stream-lined, the K-S2 felt clunky. The 18-50mm compact zoom lens, too, didn’t feel that good. It felt a bit weak, construction-wise. I was sure though, that it’d be sharp enough – “Pentax wouldn’t make a bad product!”, I thought. Well, while I did come to really like the body – its feel, sound, and features…the lens never impressed me. It didn’t feel good and only seemed to product “decent” results, at best.

As mentioned, I liked the camera – its features (like multiple HDR modes), its ergonomics (it didn’t seem clunky at all, after a few days using it), and its handling of color and speedy AF – to name a few things. Though I don’t have any examples here, I did find its “pet mode” to be pretty effective when I was photographing my parents’ dog.

So, a good camera, but a not-so-good (for me) lens. Oh yeah, but the 10-17mm fisheye lens – that one IS a bunch of fun! And was especially good when exploring the tight quarters of the Ledge. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Hiking at the Horicon Ledge – Pentax/Olympus

  1. I have 10-17mm on my oddball Pentax K-01. I like it but have not go “fish eye crazy” with it. Pretty sharp…

      • I have 10-17mm on my oddball Pentax K-01. I like it but have not go “fish eye crazy” with it. Pretty sharp…got the zoom this last November.

        Yup – my brother gave the K-01 as Pentax dumped the concept after a 13 mo. lifespan on it, about 3 1/2 years ago.
        He also gave me with a great used 50-200 af zoom. The pancake 40 came with in the box.
        These had been my most used lenses.
        Friends gave me more k mount non af lenses.
        Shot a wedding with it for a friend’s kid in Racine 3 years ago.
        Originally had 2 ancient Fuji S2’s for the gig – hey I am poor and have scads of Nikon glass!
        My second S2 died at the wedding, so I went Pentax and my backup became primary.

        A slight improvement to my finances this last December brought me a Nikon D7100 (used) and a new Sony a6000 with prime 18 and 60mm lenses only…the Pentax has not been forgotten, just have too many “systems” now…

      • man, you DO have all sorts of systems! I’m just Leica (film, M6ttl), Mamiya 645 (digi), and Olympus (digi). Oh yeah, and a Nikon point-and-shoot. 🙂

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