Test Drive: Fuji XT-1, 18-55mm/2.8-4, 60mm/2.4

Last August, I rented the Fuji XT-1 and two lenses – the 18-55mm/2.8-4 and 60mm/2.4. I’d heard many good things about this line of cameras, and I was not disappointed. Ultimately, the ergonomics of the camera, specifically the buttons on the back, didn’t appeal to me much, but otherwise, it was an amazing camera to work with. Autofocus was fast and accurate, exposures were where they should be. Flash or ambient, the camera gave me a proper exposure. And the lenses…man, they did GREAT. Sharp, light-weight, beautiful color. There is a LOT to like about this line of cameras and lenses.

I took the camera to an ACLU Banned Book Weeks Event, out to coffee with my friend Mary, and with my friend, Jennifer. There was coffee with Jessica, and breakfast with Maurice and Jan. Those lenses even got to go out on the last Underwear Bike Ride of the season! Probably the biggest adventure was taking the camera along on a the RiverwestPlus Trail Half-Marathon (if that shows you how light-weight and portable the camera is (I had it in a LowePro Sideline Shooter)) PIC ONE, PIC TWO.

You can see some more XT-1 pics HERE.

I rented the gear, as usual, from LensRentals.com (who ALWAYS give excellent customer service!)


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