Good News: New East Branch of the MPL!


Last weekend, the re-built East Branch of the Milwaukee Public Library opened, and what an event it was! I stopped by and was impressed to see how excited the community was to embrace this innovative, mixed-use building. Where there was once a one-story building, housing only the library, there now stands a 5-story building with the library, retail-space, and parking on the ground floor, and 99 apartments in the top stories! Learn more about the East Branch HERE, and about the MKE library system HERE.

At the event there was live music, story-time for the little kids, tours of the new facilities, a photo-booth, and TONS of visitors! Paula Kiely, director of MPL (pictured above) had a LOT to smile about! While there, I ran into three fellow photographers – Pat Robinson, John Ruebartsch, and Scott Paulus, and also saw three other artist friends – Kim Loper (who was doing art-projects with the kids present), Jeff Ganger, and Santiago Cucullu (whose works are featured in a BIG way in the library).


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