Test Drive: Pentax Q10

Like most cameras I get to try, I didn’t have my hands on the Pentax Q10 for long, but I can admit, it is a neat, little camera. It is also what I’d call a “curiosity camera” – an interchangeable-lens P+S camera, no larger than average sensor or ISO performance, not a very fast lens, no viewfinder. So what IS the attraction of this camera? I guess it’s just that it’s NEAT. Really, it is – the screen is nice, the images are sharp enough, the functionality of it and the list of features are both quite fair. So, it boils down to being  a good camera for someone who wants something rather special – a point-and-shoot camera that you can change lenses on. I dug it and I can see why Pentax introduced the camera. 🙂

You can get this camera and two lenses at Mike Crivello’s (though it’s not listed on the website).

(you’ll see a couple pics from by the lake where the color looks rather intense – I had turned on the “saturated” filter option in the Q10)


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