Test Drive: Pentax K50, part 1

The Pentax K-50 is a pretty impressive mid-level DSLR. It looks more like its competition – the Nikon D5200 or Canon Rebel 5Ti, but when you see the features it contains, it almost seems more like a higher-end camera. You get options like “RAW+jpg”, full weather-sealing on the body and lens, and Sensitivity-Priority exposure mode (a Pentax uniqueness). It also have fun features like built-in digital filters, HDR capture, multiple-exposure, and GPS recording!

I used this camera for a portion of a weekend and really enjoyed. I took it on a visit to a local botanical gardens, and also used it as a second body on an event coverage. At the gardens, the metering was spot-on and shallow depth-of-field I could get with the standard 18-55mm AL WR lens was pretty nice. At the event I photographed, a 5K run/walk, the continuous motor-drive and auto-focus handled the runner and walkers very well, with few missed shots!

For anyone looking to pick up their first DSLR, this camera seems a real good option. Plus, Pentax makes a lot of great lenses to expand the system, once a new owner wants to grow!

Part 2 of my review…


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