Test Drive: Samsung Galaxy Camera, part 1

The Samsung Galaxy Camera is really something special. It captures images at 16MP, has a 21x zoom, and has a LARGE touch-screen to drive all its features. It shoots HD video and even has a “manual-ish” mode for the video, allowing experienced users a bit more leeway in controlling the camera’s behavior. As for camera features, it has all the latest exposure modes – from “scene” modes to semi-automatic modes like Aperture-Priority, Shutter-Priority, and Program.

Just as a camera alone, the Samsung Galaxy Camera is impressive, but I haven’t even mentioned what makes this camera REALLY special yet.

The Galaxy Cam is one of the first “smart cameras” available. That means this camera behaves more like an Android smart-phone than any standard point-and-shoot camera. It means this camera has the ability to browse the Internet, send/receive emails, update Facebook, Twitter and Instagram statuses, download apps AND make high-quality photos!

The Galaxy Camera was a pretty amazing camera to work with. With its high-resolution sensor, powerful lens, and the speed of the 4G LTE Verizon network, it was easy to shoot photos and have them transfer automatically to my Dropbox account. While at an event, I was able to make photos and upload them to Instagram with a quality much higher than the average phone-cam.

With the large screen on it, it was just as easy to use this camera to browse the Internet as to take photos. Whether I was making photos at dawn, mid-day, or dusk, the screen seemed to do a pretty good job of remaining well visible.

I would suggest using this sort of camera to its strengths – photo-ops with lots of light. Zoom lenses aren’t usually the best light-gatherers in dim situations, and this camera faired “average” in that regard. Expect some noise at higher-ISOs, but it seems a fair trade-off to me, considering the zoom-range the lens packs.

Continued at Part 2…with more photos!

p.s.- here is the “preview” I posted about the Galaxy Cam!



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