Test Drive: Leica M-E

A few weeks ago, I rented the Leica M-E from LensRentals.com. Since I’ve had M lenses for many years now, and use them on a M6ttl, I really wanted to see what it was like to use them on a digital body. I used to shoot Leica digitally, with an R8 and DMR, and it was my favorite camera/lens set-up I’ve ever used.

The Leica M-E didn’t disappoint. If a person knows much about working with Leica rangefinders, they won’t really have to change their working methods when they use a M-E. It looks right, feels great, and produces files that are gorgeous. I only had the camera for a week, but it was a NICE week. One of the interesting things about working with a Leica is the response it gets from the people being photographed. Even if they don’t know much about cameras, they just “know” something is special with this camera.

Unfortunately, Leica’s “entry level” digital rangefinder is still over $5,000/body. So, some day I hope to have one, but that day may be quite a ways off yet.

For some sample files from this camera, go HERE.



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