Test Drive: Canon Rebel 4Ti, Tamron 18-270mm, EF 50mm/1.4

I’ve never been that interested in the Canon Rebel series of cameras. They never seemed “serious” enough for me. I always have wanted the more pro-oriented cameras – I started with a Nikon N90s, went through some Contax SLRs, and then through Leica SLRs and rangefinders. Finally though, I have had the opportunity to work, if only for a short while, with the latest generation of the Rebel – the 4Ti.

The Rebel felt pretty good – the body is big enough to feel substantial and the controls, while different from what I’m used to, weren’t too hard to get used to. What was most new to me was the LCD screen on the back. This is the first Canon SLR that has a touch-screen! You can use that screen for scrolling through your images, for zooming into the photos, and for adjusting camera settings when in the shooting mode.

I only had the camera for about 12 hours, but it was pretty fun – the AF was responsive, the metering was savvy, and I could imagine many a person finding much satisfaction in this camera. Oh yeah, also, I mainly used the camera at night and found its high ISO settings to be pretty impressive!

In conjunction with the 4Ti, I got to put a Tamron 18-270mm super-zoom and an EF 50mm/f1.4 lenses on the camera. While these lenses are VERY different from each other, they both performed well, for what they are.  The Tamron is very convenient and with its 15x zoom there’s not many shooting opportunities you’ll miss! The one caveat though, is that while you can frame up just about any situation, you still don’t have a very fast aperture. This is primarily an “outdoor” or “flash-when-indoors” lens, in my opinion. For general shooting purposes, this lens performs real well, but low-light situations are not its strongpoint. That’s where the 50mm performed best.

The EF 50mm/f1.4 is a real solid lens – nice and hefty. It’s fast aperture is great for low-light and for regular situations where you want to limit the depth-of-field. While I really enjoyed the 18-270mm, I found myself having to use ISO settings 2-3 stops higher than when I used the 50mm.  So, while I think the 18-270mm is a good lens for what it accomplishes, I could still see many users getting that in conjunction with a fast 28mm/f1.8, 35mm/f2 or 50/1.8 or 1.4.

All these items, naturally, are available at your favorite Milwaukee camera store – Mike Crivello’s Cameras!

To download a few full-resolution jpg files, go HERE.



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