Test Drive: Nikon Coolpix P7100 Part 1 – the camera

This past weekend, I got to spend two days with the Nikon P7100, Nikon’s “pro” point-and-shoot camera. There was a lot of enjoy about this camera, particularly its size (nice for someone with bigger hands) and it’s 28mm/f2.8 end of a 7x zoom lens.

Here’s some snapshots of the camera itself, outlining what I enjoyed and didn’t enjoy so much about it. Here is Part 2 – the Photos!

Of course, if you’re interested, you can get the P7100 at Mike Crivello’s Cameras!

Here first are my “cons” of the camera – but take them for what they’re worth, as that’s something that’s always so subjective. “One man’s trash” and all that, right?


  1. shutter is almost too sensitive. Easy to accidentally take pics.
  2. seems to lean towards overexposure in many situations. Tends to benefit, in my limited experience, from a -.3 or -.7 of Exposure Compensation.
  3. so many buttons on the right rear side of the camera, that while trying to work the camera one-handed, it is easy to accidentally press other buttons you didn’t mean to.
  4. viewfinder – isn’t that accurate in its framing. You get at least 10% more in the photo than you see in the viewfinder.
  5. It’s a small quibble, but I don’t like that the power button blinks when it’s in the “sleep” mode – it’s just mildly obnoxious.
  6. I wish there was more information in the viewfinder besides “flash ready” and “focus locked”.


  1. nice screen – bright, easy to see in playback mode or in shooting mode
  2. easy to use controls – everything seems pretty well laid out
  3. nice to have a viewfinder, even if it’s not that accurate.
  4. nice to be able to capture RAW/jpg.
  5. The menu is well organized and easy to go through
  6. I like the option to easily set up user profiles
  7. The “special effect” modes are unique, even if I personally wouldn’t use them much.
  8. 7x zoom (28-112mm equiv.) is more than I’m used to having and was real convenient.
  9. I LOVE the wide-angle end at 28mm/f2.8. LOVE it.
  10. The features dial on the left side of the top panel is a nice way to cycle through common functions like ISO, WB, and so on.
  11. Though I didn’t get to use them, I really appreciate Nikon including not one, but TWO “function” buttons, to which the user can assign their use.

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