Further play with the Mamiya DM28

A few weeks ago, I got another opportunity to play with the Mamiya DM28 and once again, I was impressed as heck with it. Actually, I should say, I was impressed when I used it in the ways medium format is meant to be used, and not surprised when it didn’t do great in areas I wouldn’t expect it to do well in (low light, primarily). The DM28 is a lovely camera back, with beautiful files from ISO 50-200…get above that and you should be using a 35mm DSLR. Like when I used my Leica R8+DMR, this camera excels when you play to its strengths. As with last time, here are a number of lo-res sample shots from this camera. I had a DM28, 55mm, 80mm, and 150mm lenses to play with.

This camera system can be rented from Mike Crivello’s; just ask for Jeff Dobbs – he’s the rental fellow.


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