Unscientific comparison: Mamiya DM28 / Nikon D800

UPDATE, 4-5-12: I added a few more DM28 full-res jpegs to the downl0ad-able gallery. Go check ’em out! And, here is the last time I got to use the DM28. If you’re looking to rent this camera, Milwaukee, WI-area, I got it from Mike Crivello’s Cameras (Jeff Dobbs is the contact to ask for).

– – – –

Last night at the Open Darkroom class I facilitate, we took a decidedly digital turn for the evening. One of the participants had his new Nikon D800 with 50mm/f1.8 “D” lens on hand, and I had a rented Mamiya DM28 with 80mm lens. We did a brief comparison shoot with our willing friend, Terrence. Here’s some lo-res versions of the results, but really, you need to go HERE and download the sample files. Password is “Terrence”. Seeing both of these files at full-size is AMAZING!

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Midwest Editorial Photo


One thought on “Unscientific comparison: Mamiya DM28 / Nikon D800

  1. I am not surprised at all. I traded in all my R and M gear and bought an S2 last October and am amazed at the difference it has made from my M9 and DMR images, all of which VERY good IMHO.

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