Test drive: Nikon J1

Last week I got to spend a little time playing with the Nikon J1 and 10-30mm lens. This camera system is a bit of a strange one to me. It’s sensor is bigger than your average point-and-shoot, but smaller than a DSLR, while maintaining the flexibility that comes with an interchangeable lens system. It’s a pretty stream-lined little number and attempts a sort of “futuristic” look in terms of its appearance and its features. I used it mostly in a pretty straight-forward Aperture Priority mode.

Overall, I was real pleased with the camera. It was easy to use – as long as you didn’t mind it’s menu-driven basis. I used the J1 in low and high ISOs and it seemed to perform pretty admirably in both of them. The 10-30mm lens was pretty nice too. I wish it had a faster aperture, but it seemed plenty sharp enough.

– – – –

I took the camera out to an event at Turner Hall, “Sexy Results“, and to a gallery open-house at the Nut Factory. My friend, Rachel Wilberding, and I ran into a number of other creatives that evening – – actor Thomas Dillon, advocate Natalie Berland, artists Shana McCaw and Brent Budsberg, photographer Andrea Bartley. The night out even got us a mention in the “Boris and Doris” column!

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One thought on “Test drive: Nikon J1

  1. You could make great images with a comb and cassette of film, Troy.

    When I did my seasonal gig at BestBuy – Nikon gave us no support on selling the camera. We were told that an adapter to put REAL Nikon lenses on the camera would come – but not be cheap.The cameras for stock all arrived AFTER Xmas – had to create a buzz if stores didn’t have them.

    Personally the Sony NEX cameras and the little Olympus EPM camera – impressed me more. Both were in short supply at Xmas – but better than none.

    As a near life long Nikonian – their plus $2000 cameras seem best – but I can’t afford one.

    BTW – am dealing with jr college students trying to make movies on Canon T2i and 70D cameras – both good for web videos but the users don’t understand sound and lighting. They appreciate me dragging out my Lowell kits for their shoots but still don’t get lighting subtleties…

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