Audubon Days, Mayville with the D200+24mm/2.8

This past Sunday I went out to Mayville, WI – my hometown – to take in the last day of Audubon Days—Mayville’s Fall Festival. It’s 2 1/2 days of music and activities and markets and games and a parade. It was a beautiful day and I committed to keeping my photo-gear simple. I took my Leica M6TTL and 28/2 lens and my Nikon D200 and 24mm/2.8 lens. Below is a selection of the photos I made with the D200–mainly of my family and the parade.

The painter depicted is Todd Schabel and you should really check out his work. What a talented fellow! Here’s his website. In the craft show, I also saw a woman making what she called “B.A.D. Azz Designs“–spunky and funky bits for girls. I can’t cling close to that name, but she does make some neat hats and such. 🙂 Also shown below are intrepid reporter Megan Sheridan and two of the fine, bearded musicians of the Trusty Knife!




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