Test Drive: Olympus E-P3

A friend of mine, a really nice fellow indeed, recently lent his newly acquired Olympus E-P3 with 17mm/f2.8 lens. What an amazing little camera–a great weight to it, very responsive AF, and a nice size – not too small, not too big. I had the camera for a week, but didn’t get to use it as often as I’d hoped. Still, I did get a few nice snap-shot opportunities and was real happy with the results. Here’s a short list of some particular things I noticed about the camera.

Olympus E-P3…


-easy to accidentally hit video start-and-stop button.

-when touch-screen is active, easy to accidentally take photos

-high ISOs are OK, but not great

-the blue LED on/off indicator is really bright, wish I could turn it off

-I still wish there was an incorporated viewfinder and not just an accessory

-wish you could bounce the flash


-like the thumb-wheel

-screen is really nice and bright

-like the touch-screen focus, but not sure how useful it actually is

-art filters are more clever than I thought

-low ISOs are really nice

-like the function buttons, though haven’t explored their possibilities

+assigned Fn2 to “depth of field preview”

-17mm/2.8 seems like a really nice, sharp lens; makes for a compact kit


-impressed by the depth of the custom functions–lots of options there, such as setting your preferred dpi!

-really like the weight and feel of the camera.

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