A visit to the Upper Peninsula

A little over a week ago, I spent a long weekend visiting an old friend in Crystal Falls, MI. It was a good time and while I did take my photo-gear, I was mainly just a snap-shooter, nothing too serious. What you see in the pics below are from my Nikon D200 and 18mm/2.8 and 24mm/2.8.

We went to a pair of art fairs in Marquette. We saw amazing travel photos by Jim Spillane, great wildlife photos by “wandering field biologists” Chris Neri & Nova Mackentley, and some non-traditional jewelry by Aaron Sault (see more of his work here; at the fair he had a very unique ring, using a portion of a squirrel tail as its “gemstone”), amongst many other talented artists and craftspeople. We also chatted with Tyler Tichelar, a noted local author who has written a series of historical fiction novels about the UP called “The Marquette Triology”.

My weekend jaunt also included a walk around Crystal Falls, a visit to a B&B housed in an old lighthouse on Lake Superior, a sighting of a young moose calf, a visit to Snowbound Books, and meals at the Chipewwa Resort and Thunder Bay Inn. On Sunday, Evelyn and I visited three different lakes, spending time swimming and then reading in the sun at each one. In one of the lakes, the water had a root-beer color to it, as the iron content of the earth around it is so high that it draws color from the ore! Another lake had camping grounds, a nice playground, and volleyball courts and in the middle of it all, an Indian burial ground. I’ve never seen anything like this before, as the Indians buried their bodies, but also built above-ground burial structures in which to put offerings/gifts and to keep animals away from the buried bodies. Very, very interesting.


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