How Different a File Can Look

So the other day, a photographer friend and I were sipping our coffees at Alterra Humboldt and discussing photography, specifically retouching. Wanting to be open to the possibilities of what retouching can do, I had my friend make a portrait of me and then we each set about retouching the image as we saw fit.

I had the camera set for RAW and the first image on the left is a jpg created directly from the Raw file, using Capture One. The middle image is my friend’s RTed photo, and the far right image is my version. This doesn’t really prove anything in particular, aside from the fact that the role of the photographer is not what it used to be, and the tools at photographers’ disposal are pretty amazing. It does seem all the more important that a good photographer needs to have an idea of what they want the final image to be, as the options for what a photo could be are near endless.

(for the geeks about, this was shot with a Nikon D200 and 24mm/2.8)


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