I admit it, I miss the DMR

…I sold my two Leica DMRs less than two months ago, along with the five lenses I had for them. I’m working with a Nikon D200 and 18mm, 24mm and 60mm lenses now. The Nikon is fine. It does the job. It’s no Leica though.

The files I saw come out of that R8+DMR combo were better than anything else I’d ever seen. Sure, it wasn’t good at high ISO settings, but use it with strobe, or daylight and that lovely Leica glass? It didn’t get any better than that. The camera body was what I want from a camera–simple, easy to use, understated ergonomics; it did what it had to do in the simplest and best way possible. It trusted me to know how to make pics. I was responsible for the success or failure of my images. Working with that Leica R-system made me a better, harder-working photographer. There’s easier cameras to work with, but I’m not sure that there are better cameras.

It was the business decision I needed to make, getting rid of the Leicas. My photo-heart though? It misses them a whole lot.


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