FreeTimers River Shoot-Out: May 28, 6:00a

Hey Folks,

The time has come once again for a group-outing to make photos!  Do you have the energy, the commitment, the drive to set that alarm clock and come out to make photos?  There are three of us already committed, so please RSVP via the comments section and come join us for some photo-camraderie and lovely early morning light!

Here is the plan:

  • On Saturday, May 28th, at 6:00a, meet up at the parking lot at Gordon Park, just south of the intersection of Locust St. and Humboldt Ave. in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood.
  • make photographs till 8:30-9:00a
  • wrap-up and walk over to Alterra Coffee for some caffeine, bakery and photo-chat!
  • There are no “requirements” for the shoot–just make photos along the Milwaukee River, around the area between Locust St. and North Ave. Shoot digital, shoot film, shoot 35mm or 4×5–just make photos!
  • I know that some of us will be rocking the 4×5 camera and some digital too. Should be a real fun morning. 🙂

Here’s a shot I made the last time I was shooting down by the river: The Setup, The Shot.

More details to follow, as needed. For now, mark your calendar, set your alarm clock and start dreaming of lovely light and interesting subjects. (I’ve already got some ideas and they involve bringing a model along to photograph!)



Follow-Up: 06-01-11

Three photographers and one model ventured out on Saturday morning! I hope to update this page soon with an image or two from each of us!  Here’s my blog post about my portion of the shoot!

Follow-Up 2: 06-03-11

Below is an image from photographer Terry Donohue. He made this dramatic B+W image with his 4×5 camera and 90mm lens!  Great shot, Terry!

Here is a link to the images that I made, with model Laurel Osman, on behalf of Zewing Girl.


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