Performance Art, Out in the Cold

This past weekend, I photographed two Milwaukee artists as they went through a performance piece at the Lynden Sculpture Gardens on Milwaukee’s north side. Shana McCaw and  Brent Budsberg are known for their art projects, usually installation pieces that are always quite creative and thought-provoking.

For this project, they dug an outline in the snow, indicative of a house’s foundation, then dug a trench and filled that with coal. The piece was finished as they used lighter fluid to light the coals and then stood together “in the house” as the flames burned. It should be noted too, that all this occurred in foot-deep snow and while they were dressed like early pioneers!

These photos were shot with a Nikon D60 and 18-55 kit lens and a Leica R8+DMR with 19mm, 35mm, and 60mm lenses. There was also a videographer present, and he was using Leica glass too!


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