SOLD: Leica 180mm Elmarit-R (with ROM contacts)

This lens is the least used of all my glass. I just don’t need this long of a telephoto often; on the DMR it is a 246mm. That said though, it is GREAT for portraits. When I have the space to work with it, I even prefer this lens over the 60mm. It is, of course, good for any “standard” tele subjects–sports, landscapes and such. This lens, in conjunction with the Macro-adapter, is pretty amazing too. ROM contacts again, were added 2 years ago.

Come with non-Leica pouch and rear cap.

Email any questions. Payment via PayPal or personal check. No deliver until payment clears.

To contact Troy, please email him at: troyfreund at gmail dot com


One thought on “SOLD: Leica 180mm Elmarit-R (with ROM contacts)

  1. OOOOOOh! Lens lust!

    If I weren’t almost ready to go on food stamps – I’d buy it.


    Here’s a free-lance “funnies” story for you – maybe it might sound familiar – from “your youth as a pro”…

    Worked for Friday Photo School here last week as a camera operator – but “they” would not allow me to focus one of their wonderful Panasonic P2 video cameras with Leica Dicomar TV zooms. Crazy – set at hyper-focal distance.

    They also promised to pay me X then reneged after the shoot and offered to pay me Y in 30-60 days – “but don’t submit an invoice till after the end of February..”.

    “They are a growing business and can’t afford my high rates..”.

    “Half day rates? We pay hourly!
    No one that we know in video – pays half-day rates!”.

    “But we provide free lunch to you – off the clock – of course!”
    Jimmy John’s is their restaurant du jour…I should work for less for a free meal?

    It is owned by Will Crockett – a damned fine photographer, teacher and guy.
    I think that he must be ASMP – he must have done half or whole day rates in his career.

    His staff is “trying to save money”….

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