Atop Milwaukee’s City Hall

A few years ago, I had the privilege of climbing to the top of Milwaukee City Hall for a news-story.  A reporter and I were following a construction crew’s chief for a bit, to show what he did and what his work environment was like.

The entirety of City Hall was covered in scaffolding and we went from the ground to the flag-pole at the building’s peak. This would have been a great adventure, rewarded with an excellent view on any mild day.  The day of our visit though, was cloudy with a constant drizzle and slight winds, making it a bit more treacherous with a limited view.

Once we reached the top of the building, only about 12 feet separated us from the peak–but it meant climbing up an exposed hand-over-hand ladder.  The first photo below shows a portion of the ladder. The writer, being a bit leery of heights, decided that he’d gone high enough up the building.  I decided though that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, and with white knuckles, climbed that last length and felt proud for the achievement.

Here’s a few snaps from ascension…


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