35mm Sumicron-today

A few snaps from today with my Leica R8/DMR and 35mm Sumicrong.  Snapshots of downtown and a portrait of Jane Backes, freelance art director and graphic designer (she also does wedding invites).

The 35mm Sumicron makes a great “normal” lens–little distortion, fast aperture–it’s a great “across the table” lens for me.  I can take it along to meetings and make nice portraits of the people I meet with. Out on the street too, it’s a nice lens in that it gives a “normal” sort of perspective.


2 thoughts on “35mm Sumicron-today

  1. Wish that I had that lens. Love the coloration.

    My 21mm is fun, but…

    My 70-200 is so damned heavy but sharp.

    Some day when I have $$ again…

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