Leica S2 sighting: Milwaukee

Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend some time with another local Leicaphile, Jack MacDonough, who is working with the medium-format Leica S2 camera system.  Though I didn’t get to spend much time with him, our few minutes definitely made an impression on me.

The S2 seems like a pretty amazing camera, as it should be, considering its pricetag.  The ergonomics seem well thought out, the camera is easy to hold, very well-balanced.  The shutter sounds lovely–very well controlled and dampened.  The back of the camera is a joy, as its sparse controls are the exact opposite of every other DSLR on the market, all of which are crammed to the gills with busy labels and buttons. The S2 seems similar to my R8+DMR; it’s optimized to do what it does better than any other camera, but on an even larger format than most.

You can see in the photos below, what the S2 with 35mm lens looks like compared to my R8+DMR with 19mm lens.

Also below is a handheld shot (at 1/4 sec., f2.5, ISO 640) of me in the Pfister lobby, and then a 100% crop of it.


One thought on “Leica S2 sighting: Milwaukee

  1. Troy, fun shooting with you. Your DMR is excellent, and you can purchase a lot of R lenses for the price of one S lens. Your photo shows that the S2 body is clearly smaller, even if the lens is not.

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