Michael Bass Designs: prototype snapshot

October 27, 2010 UPDATE: Response from one of the first DMR Battery Rebuild customers:


Hello every One,

I had opened DMR battery for curiosity and to see whether i will be able to fix it myself. I then send it to Michael bass who placed the new battery inside the plastic mold and is on its  way back to me in very short time. WOW!! what a turn around time!!!  Excellent customer service!!!. I am now life long customer of M.Bass for my DMR batteries and price is better then what one expect if it is send to Germany to refurbish from USA. Thank you to Troy for directing me to Michael Bass.




October 26, 2010 UPDATE: Michael is now ready to take orders for the battery/cable unit below and for REBUILT DMR BATTERIES!  See HERE for information and to place an order!

Here’s a quick cel pic of the prototype, testing-stage power supply that Michael Bass Designs has come up with for the DMR…endurance testing to follow!


09-23-10:  approx 320 basic jpegs captured, one exposure every 20 seconds.


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