Troy Does a Pin-Up

This past weekend I got to do a shoot unlike any I’ve done before.  It involved a live chicken, a baby cow, a Playboy model, my wife, and one of my brothers–how intriguing does that sound?

My brother, Derek, had this idea for a photo-shoot he wanted to do in his chicken coop and he came up with all the styling and props for it.  In fact, he even found the model, Titania!  He wanted to create some cheese-cake and beef-cake photos, and wanted me to be the photographer.  Since he was my brother, I agreed, but only as long as my wife, Rachel, would come along to help style the model.  I’ve learned how crucial a stylist can be in a shoot like this and Rachel regularly gives me great feedback and suggestions for my image-making.

There is not purpose for this shoot, but to make some fun photos for models’ portfolios and for me to photograph something unlike my normal work.

Shot with Leica R8+DMR, with 35mm Sumicron lens.





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