Upcoming DMR products: Michael Bass Designs

Michael Bass Designs is considering making some accessories for LEICA DMR users.  These include an electronic cable release, an intervalometer, an AC power adapter, and an adapted cable to power the R8+R9/DMR with a Quantum Turbo Battery.  Michael has sent me these items to test and see how well they work with my DMR units.  So far, I’d say they work pretty dang good!

Michael Bass Designs


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5 thoughts on “Upcoming DMR products: Michael Bass Designs

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  3. Troy–
    Michael asked me to let you know that in the initial testing of the Leica DMR battery that he rebuilt for me I got an excellent number of exposures and cumulative MBs before the freshly charged went completely dead. (Michael asked me to drain the battery completely. On my own I probably would never do this.)

    Here is a summary of this initial test, which took place over a 14 hour period on October 15:

    Here are the statistics of the five memory card filling-up sessions:

    1. 232.4 MB from 49 exposures

    2. 315.7 MB from 124 exposures

    3. 152.1 MB from 43 exposures

    4. 466 MB from 133 exposures

    5. 467 MB from 133 exposures

    The total of these five sessions is 1633.2 MB from 482 exposures.
    This was over 14 hours approximately. (My first use of the battery
    separate from these sessions and on the preceding two days. I took 37
    exposures and stopped when the battery emblem started blinking.)

    Anyhow, today’s sessions seem to me to indicate a very healthy battery

    Michael asked me to be sure that I mention that this was an initial preliminary testing session (i.e., not based on a battery from a”regular production run.” )

    –Richard Schramm

  4. Michael- I had you rebuilt a battery for my DMR back in 2012. I think I need it done again. I bought a used spare battery also- but they aren’t working properly. I checked their voltage and they read 8.2 volts after charging for a long time. Do you still rebuild them? What is the cost? Can you send me your mailing address? Thanks, Stasys Petravicius, 15 Seacove Dr. Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. 90275
    email – stays 1@cox.net

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