D60: Snapshots in Stillwater, MN

This past weekend, my wife and I went to Minnesota to visit some good friends.  Part of that long weekend meant spending some lovely time in Stillwater, MN.  Lots of great antique stores, boutiques, and more than a few galleries, fill Stillwater’s downtown!  Here’s a whole lotta snapshots from my Nikon D60 and its kit lens, an 18-55mm VR.

I only managed to pick up two business cards, and can only mention two businesses:  Collaborations Boutique and Our Antiques, LLC.  Collaborations was a neat upstairs boutique for women.  Our Antiques had what you would expect–a cornucopia of knick-knacks, furniture, books, artworks, and a ton of costume jewelry.

We also spent some time in Shakopee, MN and took a morning walk in a flood plain that was “co-purposed” into being a pedestrian area as well.  So, when it’s not flooded, it’s a great place to walk, bike, and job.  When things get wet, it’s a overflow drainage area.  Seems like a real neat use of green space!


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