Recent work: Our Milwaukee Group Portrait

Last night I had the pleasure of photographing a trade group I belong to, Our Milwaukee.  I used my Leica R8+DMR, with 19mm Elmarit lens.

I lit the scene with Profoto Acute system lights, powered by an Innovatronix Explorer.  The Explorer is “suggested” for use with 600w/s system (best), 1200w/s (OK), 2400w/s (not so effective, but usable).  I was using it with a 2400w/s pack, set to 1200w/s.  There were two bare heads, one small softbox and each stand had a sand-bag at the base to stabilize the lights in the night’s breeze.  I had my camera mounted on a heavier-than-normal stand and used a 12-second self-time to give myself time to get in the picture (about half-ways back on the left)!

Pictured are: a plein air painter who was nearby, the lit set, me in a test shot, the group without lights, and the lit and sized to 8×10 group shot.

Our Milwaukee





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