Recycle your #5 plastics!

PSA from Troy Freund Photography

RE:  The recycling of #5 plastics (food containers, storage tubs)

The City of Milwaukee only recycles#2 plastics.  It’s swell thatMilwaukee recycles at all, but it’s unfortunate as they are a LOT of different plastics out in the market.  A very common plastic that you can come by is the #5 plastic.  #5 plastics are NOT recycled by Milwaukee.  To-go containers, yogurt tubs, storage bins–many of these are made from rigid #5 plastics.

Thankfully, Preserve Products has their “Gimme 5” program which DOES recycle #5 plastics.  Lucky for me there is a location on Milwaukee’s East Side where you can drop off your #5 plastics.  Whole Foods on North Avenue has TWO drop-off locations–in the parking garage and in the cafe where you can drop off your #5 plastics to be recycled by Preserve.  If you’re not in Milwaukee, find out where your nearest #5 drop-off location is here.

PLEASE, check your plastics–and recycle your #5 plastics!  Save ’em up and either take them to Whole Foods  or ship them back to Preserve yourself!


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