Elmarit 24mm: The Storm and the Rain Garden

Many people know how excited I am about Rachel’s and my rain garden.  A rain garden is an area planted with native grasses and wild-flowers that is used to soak up diverted rain water.  At our house, we have one downspout on the north side of our roof.  What rain lands on that side of our house all goes to the rain garden and not the sewer system.  It’s pretty amazing how quickly the greens here soak up rain water.  Pretty darn impressive!  Learn more about rain gardens HERE.  You can see the black corrugated tubing leading from our downspout into the garden, where it is half-buried to let the water seep out into the garden.  There is also a smaller black tubing alongside it.  That is the overflow relief from our rain-barrel on the other side of the house.  Learn more about rain barrels here.

Today I was out running errands and had my Leica R8/DMR and 24mm Elmarit-R (non-ROM).  I managed to make a few snapshots just before a thunderstorm hit our area, as it hit, and how it was being received in the rain garden.  Just before the storm arrived, the sky got so dark that my garage’s “night light” activated. Enjoy the photos and let me know what you think!


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