Leica Macro-Adapter-R

I recently purchased a used Leica Macro-Adapter-R at Art’s Camera. KEH was there, buying used cameras and selling some of their inventory too.  It’s strange to see used Leica R equipment, much less this rare extension tube.  Here are a few of my first photos with the adapter, utilizing my Elmarit-R 180mm (wider view of pistacchio shells)and Macro-Elmarit-R 60mm (everything else) lenses.  Enjoy!

Have been busy lately, completing projects for:  Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation SE-WI, St. Amelian’s Lakeside, an Australian reality-TV show, and UMOS/Eggert Creative.  Also managed to fit in a small “photo-tips” interview with Pocket Wizard!


One thought on “Leica Macro-Adapter-R

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