Inside the DMR

The Leica Digital Modul-R is one heck of a neat solution for Leica R-users who wanted to make the switch to digital.  I’ve been using the DMR since 2006 and have never been impressed by another camera system’s files enough to switch systems.  What made the DMR so special is that it wasn’t a camera, but a camera back.

The DMR can mount onto a Leica R8 or R9, turning the film SLR into a 1.37x, 10MP DSLR, with a remarkably easy-to-clean sensor.  Here’s a photo showing the DMR, as mounted on my R8, with the sensor exposed.

Though somedays I long for the advanced feature of a Nikon or EOS system-the wireless-TTL-flash capability and multi-point AF, for instance-the handling of the R8/DMR and impeccable image quality convince me to deal with the quirks of this beautiful manual-focus system.

Wowza, just took a peak at the Leica website and they don’t even list the DMR anymore.  I know it’s no longer in production, but wow–they took it off the website!

No regrets,



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