35mm Summicron; it’s a beaut!

Here’s a shot from a recent commercial shoot I did for artist Laura Livermore.  Laura and I have worked together before, making images for her line of nautical-flag silk-scarves.  See those images HERE.  This time we were making images for her art-inspired scarves which you can see here (on the un-revamped website).

This shoot was done at the Broadway Theater Center in the Third Ward of Milwaukee, courtesy of Renaissance Theatreworks and the Skylight Opera.

I photographed Ms. Hannah with available light, with my R8/DMR and 35mm ‘cron.  I wasn’t always a fan of the 35mm focal length, but have really come to appreciate it (though it’s more like a 45mm on the DMR).  It’s sharp, it’s compact, and it’s got a fast aperture.  Gotta love it.  Here’s the full image and a 100% crop, showing her eye–and my reflection in it!  Amazing resolution between the Leica lenses and the DMR.


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