Leica sighting: Lumix in Horicon, WI

Was out at my parent’s house for Easter and my brother and sister-in-law pulled out their fabulous little Panasonic Lumix, with its Leica lens on it.  That is one nice little camera.

Really, why can’t Leica make a more ergonomic digital P+S, one that you can easily feel sure of in your grip?  C-lux and D-lux sound good until I hold them, and then picture them slipping right through my fingers and down to an unforgiving pavement.


One thought on “Leica sighting: Lumix in Horicon, WI

  1. The looks like a Lumix TZ model but I may be wrong…

    A pro shooter friend in Florida has a Lumix ZS3 now as her pocket camera and loves it.

    The ZS is a new spin on the Panasonic Lumix TS series of cameras – TZ for “travel zoom”. Bigger in size, great cameras that never caught on. Most sold for like $40 more than the competition and had better early “movie” capabilities. The TZ4 and TZ5 were the last before the switch to smaller ZS chassis.

    It’s mystifin’ that near all Lumix cameras have a Leica lens – but Leica just sallies forth with the C nd D Lux series. Yes the new X1 looks great but seems over-priced. Would I take one – YES!

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